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Kickstart your micronation’s online web presence with NationDNS, a ccTLD registrar on the FreeNIC alternative DNS root and a free web hosting and services provider.

Get It Done With Us

ccTLD Registration

We can get your micronation its own ccTLD (country-code top-level domain) on the FreeNIC alternative DNS root. It may not be accessible to everybody, but when has a challenge like that stopped you before?


WordPress Web Hosting

Build your website for free using WordPress and our visual builder plugin, on a domain on your own ccTLD, an subdomain, or any domain you’ve purchased previously!

Community Management

We can provide advanced functionality to your micronation online, including integrated forum and wiki systems.

Build Your Online Presence

Use our services to build a website, forum, wiki, or social network centered around your micronation. Our custom-built services will give any micronation, hobbyist or serious, a professional online look.

Create a stronger national community

We can create social media networks, public discussion forums, community wikis, centralized online national banking services, and more, to create a full citizenship network. Connect with your citizens and sell merchandise online!

Build Your Website in a Snap!

Our simple visual builder, utilizing the esteemed “Divi” WordPress theme, allows anybody to create a stunning landing page for their micronation, giving your citizens a one-stop location for learning about economic activities, employment programs, and important news updates from your officials.

Start with Free WordPress Hosting

Create an account today and get started immediately with a free or subdomain. Eventually, switch to your own purchased domain or a domain on your micronation’s custom ccTLD.

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